Sustainability Drinks #8 - 13.01. @ Betahaus Berlin

Topic: Hygiene and Sanitation

The event was all about hygiene and sanitation as well as the challenges which sustainable products face. Our speakers talked about unconventional sustainable concepts – fun, games and multi-sector platforms – forms of education to tackle the toilet, sanitation and hygiene crisis in developing countries.



Danielle Keiser, Speaker of WASH United:
"Education as a Way to Foster Sustainability: Keeping it clean!"

Maxie Matthiessen, Co-founder of Ruby Cup:
"Do You Have To Be Rich To Be Green?"

Doors and Chatting Along

Opening and Welcome by GreenBuzz Berlin

Danielle Keiser, WASH United: " Keeping it clean!"

Danielle Keiser is the eyes, ears and voice of WASH United online (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, etc) and contributes to the design, development, execution and evaluation of innovative social media campaigns. Spending her days talking about toilets, poop and periods, she is responsible for all external communications in addition to managing the 200+ partner Menstrual Hygiene Day coalition.

WASH United is a Berlin-based NGO working in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector that develops innovative, sustainable solutions to create awareness and change people's behaviours around WASH. Focusing on sanitation, hand-washing with soap and menstrual hygiene management (MHM), our target regions are Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Whether it's a global awareness campaign around menstrual hygiene, a school hand-washing program in Kenya, or a sanitation-themed festival in India, you'll find WASH United sustainably harnessing the power of sports superstars, interactive games and positive messaging to create excitement and demand for adequate sanitation and good hygiene.

Maxie Matthiessen, Ruby Cup: "Do you have to be rich to be green?"

Maxie Matthiessen is co-founder of the award winning social business Makit ApS (registered in Denmark and Kenya) that provides a long-term menstrual hygiene solution to girls and women worldwide. Prior to becoming a social entrepreneur, she has acted as researcher, drafting studies for the UN General Assembly, consulted on micro-finance topics, and organized high-level roundtable discussions at the EU Parliament. Maxie sat on the board of Young Women Social Entrepreneurs in Nairobi (YWSE), was selected Attaché at COP15 in Copenhagen, and guest speaker on minority issues in the Danish Parliament. She is part of Sandbox, a global community for the world’s most accomplished young leaders and decision-makers under the age of 30.

Ruby Cup is an award winning social business that is based in Berlin and Nairobi. Ruby Cup provides a healthy and long-lasting female hygiene solutions to girls and women world-wide. For every Ruby Cup sold in high-end markets, one product is donated to an underprivileged girl in Kenya. Girls in developing countries cannot afford sanitary products and because they are ashamed of leaking, they stay home from school. Through its "buy one give one" business model, Ruby Cup helps girls to stay in school.

Quickpitch Session

We had a number of interesting quickpitches at the event which can be found on our Quickpitch Session Listing